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Discover New Music March 2017

I assign three ratings based on critical acclaim, popularity (based on Spotify play counts), and my personal opinion. My top selections will show a gold star ★.  My other recommended new releases will be marked by a silver star ★ or bronze star ★. The tracks are listed in order of recommendation. Only the top tracks make The Short List. Find all the listenable tracks on The Long List.

Here are only the best selections from the March new releases.

Spotify March 2017 Short List

Spotify March 2017 Long List


Apple Music 2017 Short List

Apple Music 2017 Long List


Kelly Lee Owens★ Kelly Lee Owens – Kelly Lee Owens

  • Indie Electronic, Downtempo, Ambient
  • Wales
  • Anxi., Cbm, Evolution, Bird, S.O, Lucid, Throwing Lines, 8


Hot ThoughtsSpoon –  Hot Thoughts

  • Indie Rock
  • Texas
  • Hot Thoughts, Can I Sit Next to You, Do I Have to Talk You Into It, WhisperI’lllistentohearit, I Ain’t the One, Tear It Down, First Caress, Pink Up, Shotgun, Us


Everybody Works★ Jay Som –  Everybody Works

  • Dream Pop
  • California
  • Baybee, The Bus Song, 1 Billion Dogs, One More Time Please, Remain, Everybody Works

~The Navigator★ Hurray For The Riff Raff – The Navigator

  • Indie Folk
  • New York, New Orleans
  • Hungry Ghost, The Navigator, Living In The City, Rican Beach, Life To Save, Settle, Fourteen Floors


Semper Femina★ Laura Marling – Semper Femina

  • Indie Folk
  • England, Los Angeles
  • Wild Fire, Soothing, Next Time, Nothing Nearly


The Order Of TIme Valerie June – The Order of Time

  • Indie Folk
  • Tennessee
  • Astral Plane, Shakedown, Man Done Wrong, Slip Slide On By, Long Lonely Road


Preservation★ Nadia Reid – Preservation 

  • Indie Folk
  • New Zealand
  • The Arrow and The Aim, Richard, Te Are, Ain’t Got You, I Come Home to You


Heartworms★ The Shins –  Heartworms

  • Indie Rock
  • New Mexico
  • Name For You, Painting a Hole, Mildenhall, Half a Million, Dead Alive


Grow Up Desperate Journalist – Grow Up

  • Indie Rock, Post-Punk
  • London
  • Resolution, Be Kind, Hollow, All Over, Why Are You So Boring?


In Mind Real Estate – In Mind

  • Dream Pop
  • New Jersey
  • Darling, Stained Glass, Serve the Song




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