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November 2015 New Music

If you are short on time, just stick to the new Grimes album, Art Angels.


November 2015 Spotify Short List

November 2015 Apple Music Short List


Best All-Around

Three years after the stellar album, Visions, earned accolades and fame, Grimes (a.k.a Claire Boucher) returns strong with an artfully crafted and eccentric electronic pop album, Art Angels. One look at her chosen album art will show you that you aren’t in for the usual female pop fare.

Art AngelsGrimes – Art Angels

  • Genre – Electronic
  • From – Vancouver, Canada
  • Fav Tracks – Flesh without Blood, California, Kill V. Maim, Venus Fly, Belly of the Best
  • Recommended Tracks – California, SCREAM, Flesh without Blood, Belly of the Beast, Kill V. Maim, Artangels, Easily, Venus Fly



Best Alternative Rock

Bill Ryder-Jones is a former member of the early 2000’s neo-Psychedelia band, The Coral. Since leaving the Coral, he has written music for film and a couple of albums with a chamber-pop bent. This month, he released a more alternative rock band sounding effort called, West Kirby County Primary.

West Kirby County PrimaryBill Ryder-Jones – West Kirby County Primary

  • Genre – Alternative Rock
  • From – England
  • Fav Tacks – Satellites, Two To Birkenhead, You Can’t Hide A Light With The Dark
  • Recommended Tracks – Two To Birkenhead, Catharine and Huskisson, Wild Roses, You Can’t Hide A Light With The Dark, Satellites



Best Singer-Songwriter

Pianist/vocalist Vanessa Carlton is best known for her hit single in 2002, “A Thousand Miles.” She was unable to recreate the popularity of  that single over the intervening decade, and she seems to have embraced making music for a niche listening crowd.

LibermanVanessa Carlton – Liberman

  • Genre – Singer-Songwriter
  • From – Pennsylvania
  • Fav Tracks – Take It Easy, Willows, Blue Pool, Operator
  • Recommended Tracks – Take It Easy, Willows, Operator, Blue Pool, Unlock the Lock, River



Best Experimental Electronic

Sam Shepherd, a.k.a. Floating Points, presents his first full length album to multitudes of praise from the critics. Reviewers like to describe him as a brainiac since he pursued a Ph.D. in neuroscience. The jazz leanings of Silhouettes (I,II,III) was enough to hook me. When you have a few thoughtful moments, carve out some time to witness how music can emerge from noise.

ElaeniaFloating Points – Elaenia

  • Genre – Experimental Electronic
  • From – Manchester, England
  • Fav Tracks – Silhouettes (I,II,III), Nespole, For Marmish
  • Recommended Tracks – Nestle, Silhouettes (I,II,III), For Marmish, Peroration Six


(Second Best) Experimental Electronic

Experimental electronic producer veteran, Daniel Lopatin, returns with a different soundscape from his last. It’s intense and stretches the definition of music.

Garden_of_DeleteOneohtrix Point Never – Garden of Delete

  • Genre – Experimental Electronic
  • From – Massachusetts
  • Fav Tracks – Sticky Drama, Ezra, I Bite Through It
  • Recommended Tracks – Sticky Drama, Ezra, Mutant Standard, I Bite Through It, Freaky Eyes



November 2015 Long List




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