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September 2015 New Music


September Short List Spotify Playlist

September Short List Apple Music Playlist


Best Indie Rock

Singer-songwriter, Kurt Vile, returns with his 6th solo album. His musing lyrics will elicit a chuckle and sometimes the head nod of the shared experience. While Walking On A Pretty Daze felt expansive, this time around a stronger intimacy is created.

b'lieve i'm goin downKurt Vile – b’lieve i’m goin down

  • Genre – Indie Rock, Singer-songwriter
  • From – Philadelphia, PA
  • Fav Tracks – Pretty Pimpin, Life Like This, That’s Life Tho, Lost My Head There, Wild Imagination
  • Recommended Tracks – Pretty Pimpin, Dust Bunnies, That’s Life Tho, Wheelhouse, Life Like This, Lost My Head There, Stand Inside, Kidding Around, Wild Imagination
  • Singles – Pretty Pimpin, Life Like This



Best Alternative Dance

Petite Noir is the work of South African musician, Yannick Ilunga. He’s intertwined New Wave and traditional African rhythms into a sub-genre he calls “noir wave.”

La Vie Est BellePetite Noir – La Vie Est Belle

  • Genre – Alternative Dance, New Wave
  • From – South Africa
  • Fav Tracks – Chess, Just Breathe, MDR, Down
  • Recommended Tracks – Intro Noirwave, Best, Freedom, Seventeen, Just Breathe, La Vie Est Belle, MDR, Down, Chess
  • Singles – Chess



Best Blues Rock

Clark is not satisfied to be merely a traditionalist, and instead reveals to us the New Blues Rock of the 21st century.

The Story of Sonny Boy SlimGary Clark, Jr. – The Story of Sonny Boy Slim

  • Genre – Blues Rock
  • From – Austin, TX
  • Fav Tracks – The Healing, Grinder, Church, Hold On, Star
  • Recommended Tracks – The Healing, Grinder, Church, Hold On, Star, Our Love, Cold Blooded,Wings, BYOB, Can’t Sleep, Stay, Shake, Down To Ride



Best Post-Punk Revival

Guitarist/vocalist Tim Beeler Darcy (New Hampshire), keyboardist Matt May (New Jersey), drummer Tim Keen (Australia), and bassist Ben Stidworthy (Oregon) return with a sophomore album of nervy punk inflected rock.

Sun Coming DownOught – Sun Coming Down

  • Genre – Post Punk Revival
  • From – Montreal
  • Fav Tracks – Sun’s Coming Down, Beautiful Blue Sky, Men for Miles
  • Recommended Tracks – Men for Miles, Passionate Turn, The Combo, Sun’s Coming Down, Beautiful Blue Sky, Celebration, On the Line, Never Better
  • Singles – Men for Miles, Beautiful Blue Sky



Best Electronic

Empress of is the stage name for newcomer, Lorely Rodriguez.

MeEmpress Of – Me

  • Genre – Electronic, Alternative Dance
  • From – California
  • Fav Tracks – How Do You Do It, Water Water, Standard, Kitty Kat
  • Recommended Tracks – Everything Is You, Water Water, Standard, How Do You Do It, To Get By, Kitty Kat
  • Singles – Water Water, Kitty Kat, How Do You Do It



Best Series of Only Teaser Singles

ShadowChromatics have left us hanging since the 2012 album, Kill for Love. They’ve released a sequence of singles that I would like to recognize here.

  • Genre – Electronic
  • From – Seattle
  • Singles – Shadow, Just Like You, In Films, I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around



Best Club Dance

Disclosure returns with the so crucial yet difficult sophomore album. They disappointed professional critics, but play counts on Spotify indicate that the public is still tuning in.

CaracalDisclosure – Caracal

  • Genre – Electronic, Club-Dance
  • From – England
  • Fav Tracks – Omen, Holding On, Magnets,
  • Recommended Tracks – Holding On, Omen, Magnets, Hourglass, Jaded, Magnets, Nocturnal
  • Singles – Holding On, Omen, Hourglass, Jaded, Magnets



Best Synth-Pop

Chvrches also return with a sophomore album with mixed reviews but solid commercial success. Every Open Eye has lost some of the edginess of their debut, but is strong enough that I will still look forward to their third album. It’s not a bad album, but considering that The Bones Of What You Believe was my #1 Electronic Album of 2013, Every Open Eye seems relatively disappointing.

Every Open EyeChvrches – Every Open Eye

  • Genre – Electronic, Synth-Pop
  • From – Scotland
  • Fav Tracks – Leave A Trace, Never Ending Circles, Clearest Blue, Keep You On My Side
  • Recommended Tracks – Leave A Trace, Never Ending Circles, Clearest Blue, Keep You On My Side
  • Singles – Leave A Trace, Never Ending Circles, Clearest Blue



Best New Music from a Band from the 80’s

I usually prefer to remember my favorite artists from their hey day and generally dislike their attempts to make new music in the retirement years. However, this New Order album isn’t half bad. La Roux makes a guest appearance of 3 of the stronger tracks.

Music CompleteNew Order – Music Complete 

  • Genre – Alternative Dance
  • From – England
  • Fav Tracks – Restless, Plastic, Tutti Frutti, People On The High Line
  • Recommended Tracks – Restless, Singularity, Plastic, Tutti Frutti, People On The High Line, Nothing But A Fool, Superheated
  • Single – Restless



Best New Music from a Band from the 90’s

Low is the seminal band for slow dirge-like and sparse indie rock. Now-a-days, not every song is a snails pace, but this album is still perfect for a lazy morning.

Ones and SixesLow – Ones and Sixes

  • Genre – Slowcore, Indie Rock
  • From – Minnesota
  • Fav Tracks – Lies, The Innocents, No Comprende
  • Recommended Tracks – Gentle, No Comprende, Spanish Translation, Into you, What Part of Me, The Innocents, Lies



Best Avant-Garde

Experimental Singer-Songwriter, Julia Holter, returns with her fourth album. This time her album presents looser themes pulled together rather than a singular book, movie, or play.

Have You In My WildernessJulia Holter – Have You In My Wilderness

  • Genre – Experimental, Avant-Garde, Ambient
  • From – California
  • Fav Tracks – Feel You, Sea Calls Me Home, Betsy On The Roof
  • Recommended Tracks – Feel You, Silhouette, Lucette Stranded on the Island, Sea Calls Me Home, Night Song, Betsy On the Roof, Vasquez, Have You In My Wilderness



Best Experimental Rock

Half FreeU.S. Girls – Half Free

  • Genre – Experimental Rock
  • From – Philadelphia
  • Fav Tracks – Damn That Valley, Window Shades, Sororal Feelings
  • Recommended Tracks – Sororal Feelings, Damn That Valley, Window Shades, New Age Thriller, Sed Knife, Woman’s Work





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