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August 2015 New Music

There are plenty of great of music releases this month for nerds. I hope you can find some quiet moments to explore them.

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Best Electronic

Georgia Barnes worked as a drummer for several British pop artists before releasing this debut album. She also made a guest appearance on her father’s (Neil Barnes of Leftfield) recent album, Alternative Light Source on the track, “Universal Everything.” Expect jagged and unpredictable directions from this electronic album.

GeorgiaGeorgia Barnes – Georgia

  • Genre – Experimental Electronic, Left-Field Pop
  • From – London
  • Fav Tracks – Kombine, Be Ache, Nothing Solutions, Tell Me About It, Move Systems
  • Recommended Tracks -Kombine, Be Ache, Nothing Solutions, Hold It, Digits, Tell Me About It, Move Systems, Heart Wrecking Animals, GMTL, You
  • Singles – Nothing Solutions, Move Systems



Best Music I Missed This Year

Nao is a formally trained jazz musician with two EP’s to her name. After finishing school, she started as a teacher in South London before launching a recording career. The first EP was released in 2014 and this latest one was released last May. I’m also looking forward to her track on the upcoming Disclosure album which is due in late September.

February 15Nao – February 15 (EP); So Good (EP)

  • Genre – Electronic, Alternative R&B
  • From – London
  • Fav Tracks – Inhale Exhale, Golden, Apple Cherry, So Good, Take Control of You, Adore You
  • Recommended Tracks – Inhale Exhale, Zillionaire, Apple Cherry, Golden, It’s You, So Good, Good Girl, Take Control of You, Adore You
  • Single – Inhale Exhale, Apple Cherry, So Good, Adore You



Best House

This is the debut album of House ear worms from producer DJ Matt Walker. Walker liberally borrows from 70’s and 90’s sounds.

knockin bootsJulio Bashmore – Knockin Boots

  • Genre – Electronic, House, Club Dance
  • From – Bristol, England
  • Fav Tracks – Holding On, She Ain’t, For Your Love
  • Recommended Tracks – Knockin Boots, Holding On, She Ain’t, Let Me Be Your Weakness, Rhythm Auld, For Your Love, Bark, Simple Love, Kong, You & Me



Best Mainstream

Carly Rae Jepsen returns with a strong pop album. She draws on solid collaborators with remarkable results. You’ll hear the influence of Sia on “Boy Problems” and “Making the Most of the Night”, Devonté Hynes on “All That”, and Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij and Tegan and Sara on “Warm Blood.”

E MO TIONCarly Rae Jepsen –  E MO TION

  • Genre – Dance Pop
  • From – British Columbia, Canada
  • Fav Tracks – Run Away With Me, I Really Like You, Gimmie Love, Making the Most of the Night, Warm Blood, When I Needed You
  • Recommended Tracks – Run Away With Me, Emotion, I Really Like You, Gimmie Love, All That, Boy Problems, Making The Most of the Night, Your Type, Warm Blood, When I Needed You
  • Singles – I Really Like You, All That, Emotion, Run Away With Me, Warm Blood, Making The Most of the Night



Best Chamber Pop

Destroyer is the recording name for Dan Bejar’s signature singer-songwriter meets chamber pop solo work. He is also known for his part in the supergroup, The New Pornographers. This newest installment of Destroyer draws again on a late 70’s early 80’s mood.

Poison SeasonDestroyer – Poison Season

  • Genre – Chamber Pop
  • From – British Columbia, Canada
  • Fav Tracks – Dream Lover, Times Square, The River, Midnight Meet the Rain
  • Recommended Tracks – Dream Lover, Forces From Above, Hell Is an Open Door, The River, Girl in a Sling, Times Square, Midnight Meet the Rain, Bangkok, Sun in the Sky



Best Under-the-Radar

Ellen Kempner is the musician behind Palehound. It’s reported that she played every note on the album that’s not drums. It appears that she does have a drummer and bassist supporting her now. She’s a close friend of Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz, and their music shares some similarities. You’ll find contemplations in a 90’s reminiscent hue that slowly meander around bends in the road.

dry foodPalehound – Dry Food

  • Genre – Indie Rock, Lo-Fi
  • From – Allston, MA
  • Fav Tracks – Molly, Healthier Folk, Cushioned Caging
  • Recommended Tracks – Molly, Healthier Folk, Easy, Cinnamon, Dry Food, Cushioned Caging, Seekonk




Best Garage Rock

The four-piece D-I-Y punk inflected garage rock band, Royal Headache, draws from a surprising place — AM radio 1960’s pop.

HighRoyal Headache – High

  • Genre – Garage Rock
  • From – Sydney, Australia
  • Fav Tracks – Need You, Garbage, Another World
  • Recommended Tracks – My Own Fantasy, Need You, High, Another World, Wouldn’t You Know, Garbage, Love Her If I Tried, Carolina, Little Star, Electric Shock
  • Singles – High, Another World



Best Dance

Robyn released a mini-album recorded with keyboardist Markus Jägerstedt, and late producer Christian Falk. The first single “Love Is Free” features Maluca.

Love is FreeRobyn & La Bagatelle Magique

  • Genre – Dance
  • From – Stockholm, Sweden
  • Fav Tracks – Love Is Free, Tell You
  • Recommended Tracks – Lose Control, Love Is Free, Got To Work It Out, Set Me Free, Tell You



Best Indie Pop

Laura Burhenn put forth her third album of adult alternative this month.

Lovers KnowThe Mynabirds – Lovers Know

  • Genre – Indie Pop
  • From – Omaha, Nebraska
  • Fav Tracks – All My Heart, Believer, Wildfire, One Foot, Orion
  • Recommended Tracks – All My Heart, Believer, Semantics, Say Something, Orion, Shake Your Head Yes, Wildfire, One Foot
  • Singles – Semantics, Wildfire



Best Surf Rock

Jangly surf rock lives on in 2015 thanks to La Luz and Django Django.

Weirdo ShrineLa Luz – Weirdo Shrine

  • Genre – Indie Rock
  • From – Seattle, WA
  • Fav Tracks – You Disappear, I’ll Be True
  • Recommended Tracks – You Disappear, With Davey, Hey Papi, I Wanna Be Alone, I’ll Be True, Black Hole Weirdo Shrine, True Love Knows



Best Nerd Music

Tahliah Debrett Barnett returns with another EP of sophisticated experimental R&B.

M3LL155XFKA Twigs – M3ll155x (EP)

  • Genre – Experimental R&B, Electronic
  • From – Gloucestershire, England
  • Fav Tracks – Figure 8, In Time, Glass & Patron
  • Recommended Tracks – Figure 8, In Time, Glass & Patron




Angel Deradoorian’s voice is most familiar to me from her work with Dirty Projectors, Vampire Weekend and Flying Lotus. Deradoorian’s work resists categorization, but Experimental New Age best pins down her ethereal sounds. Her quirky music reminds me of a subdued version of tUnE-yArDs.

The Expanding Flower PlanetDeradoorian –  The Expanding Flower Planet

  • Genre – Experimental New Age
  • From – California
  • Fav Tracks – A Beautiful Woman, Expanding Flower Planet
  • Recommended Tracks – A Beautiful Woman, Expanding Flower Planet, Violet Minded, Komodo, The Invisible Man, The Eye
  • Singles – A Beautiful Woman, Komodo, The Eye



Beach House return with a slow grower. It doesn’t capture the immediate magic of their previous albums, nevertheless it will draw you in after two or three purposeful listenings.

Depression CherryBeach House – Depression Cherry

  • Genre – Dream Pop
  • From – Baltimore, MD
  • Fav Tracks – Sparks, PPP, Space Song
  • Recommended Tracks – Levitation, Sparks, Space Song, 10:37, PPP, Wildflower




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