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July 2015 New Music

Here are the LJR-endorsed new releases from July 2015.


Play-Normal-iconThe July Short List


Best All-Around

Tame Impala is dominated by Kevin Parker who has been known to play every instrument and lay down every vocal on a recording. The neo-psychedelic leaning Tame Impala moves away from fuzzy guitars and down electronic avenues this go around. Maybe Parker was inspired by his guest appearances on Mark Ronson’s pop album from earlier this year, Uptown Funk.

CurrentsTame Impala – Currents

  • Genre – Indie Rock
  • From – Australia
  • Fav Tracks – Let It Happen, The Less I Know The Better, Eventually, ‘Cause I’m A Man, New Person Same Old Mistakes
  • Recommended Tracks – Let It Happen, ‘Cause I’m A Man, The Less I Know The Better, Eventually, The Moment, Yes I’m Changing, Reality In Motion, Love/Paranoia, New Person Same Old Mistakes
  • Singles – Let It Happen, Because I’m a Man


Best Dance

The Chemical Brothers (Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons) were praised as the savior to electronic music genre in the 1990’s when they threw a proverbial lifebuoy out and pulled electronic music back from the edge of brainiac obscurity. The subgenre they are sorted into, Big Beat, was the “dumb dance music” that saved electronic music from the intellectuals. However, the Chemical Brothers have always had an affinity for experimental electronic, progressive rock, psychedelia, and hypnotic shoegaze just to name a few. This latest album marries experimentation and dumb dance music for a very accessible work. Check out “Under Neon Lights” with guest vocals by one of my favorite singers, St. Vincent and “Wide Open” which features guest vocals by Beck.

Born In The EchoesThe Chemical Brothers – Born In The Echoes

  • Genre – Electronic, Dance
  • From – England
  • Fav Tracks – Under Neon Lights, Sometimes I Feel So Deserted, Go, Born In The Echoes, Wide Open, EML Ritual
  • Recommended Tracks – Sometimes I Feel So Deserted, Go, Under Neon Lights, EML Ritual, I’ll See You There, Just Bang, Reflexion, Taste Of Honey, Born In The Echoes, Radiate, Wide Open
  • Singles – Sometimes I Feel So Deserted, Go, Under Neon Lights


Best Reunion

The original Veruca Salt throws their hat back in the ring with their first recording since 1997.  Louise Post and Nina Gordon had a bitter falling out a couple of decades back which resulted in Gordon leaving the group. They reunite here for an “I told you so” moment to their 90’s nay-sayers since it has now become clear that their sound was important enough to influence many bands to come after them.

Ghost NotesVeruca Salt – Ghost Notes

  • Genre – Indie Rock
  • From – Chicago
  • Fav Tracks – The Gospel According To Saint Me, Black And Blonde, The Sound of Leaving, The Museum of Broken Relationships, Empty Bottle, Triage
  • Recommended Tracks – The Gospel According To Saint Me, Black And Blonde, Eyes On You, The Sound of Leaving, Love You Less, Laughing In The Sugar Bowl, Empty Bottle, I’m Telling You Now, Triage, The Museum of Broken Relationships
  • Singles – The Museum of Broken Relationships, The Gospel According To Saint Me, Empty Bottle


Best Soul

Lianne La Havas takes folk and mixes components of soul (and electronic and rock for that matter) for an irresistible mix that is perfect for your cafe soundtrack.

BloodLianne La Havas – Blood

  • Genre – R&B, Soul
  • From – England
  • Fav Tracks – Unstoppable, Green & Gold, What You Don’t Do, Tokyo, Never Get Enough
  • Recommended Tracks – Unstoppable, Green & Gold, What You Don’t Do, Tokyo, Wonderful, Midnight, Grow, Ghost, Never Get Enough, Good Goodbye
  • Singles – Unstoppable, What You Don’t Do, Green & Gold



Best Eccentric

I didn’t even know that my life was incomplete without an album that crosses the Violent Femmes with 50’s rock n’ roll until I heard Ezra Furman’s third album, Perpetual Motion People.

perpetual motion peopleEzra Furman –  Perpetual Motion People

  • Genre – Folk Punk Pop
  • From – Chicago
  • Fav Tracks – Lousy Connection, Restless Year, Haunted Head, Body Was Made
  • Recommended Tracks – Restless Year, Lousy Connection, Hark! To the Music, Haunted Head, Wobbly, Ordinary Life, Tip of a Match, Body Was Made
  • Single – Lousy Connection, Restless Year



Best Dad Rock

Established indie rockers, Wilco, released their 11th studio album as a free download. They did so with a reminder that as established artists they have the means to offer a free download. They even suggested a list of their favorite new artists for you to patronize instead. Music critics describe this as a playful, casual album with several musical ideas being kicked around.

star warsWilco – Star Wars

  • Genre – Indie Rock
  • From – Chicago
  • Fav Tracks – Random Name Generator, More . . ., You Satellite, Pickled Ginger, King Of You
  • Recommended Tracks – Random Name Generator, More . . ., You Satellite, The Joke Explained, Taste the Ceiling, Pickled Ginger, Where Do I Begin, Cold Slope, King Of You, Magnetized



Best Under-the-Radar

Sermanni is a young Scottish songwriter. Her second album tells an eclectic group of stories that swings from folk ballads to a electrified, Cat Power-inspired sound.

To The MoonRachel Sermanni – Tied To The Moon

  • Genre – Singer-Songwriter Folk
  • From – Scotland
  • Fav Tracks – Tractor, Run, I’ve Got A Girl
  • Recommended Tracks – Run, Wine Sweet Wine, I’ve Got a Girl, Tractor, Banks Are Broken, This Love
  • Single – Tractor



Play-Normal-iconThe July Long List



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