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March 2015 New Music

Here’s the March round-up of music recommendations. March had an abundance of  great music releases. Power through this long list, and you’ll be rewarded with some fantastic ear treats. ~

Play-Normal-iconThe March 2015 Short List


Best All-Around

Witty Aussie singer-songwriter, Courtney Barnett, uses self-deprecating humor in her seemingly stream-of-consciousness lyrics to tell her stories against a garage band backdrop.

SometimesCourtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit 

  • Genre – Indie Rock
  • From – Melbourne, Australia
  • Fav Tracks – Nobody Cares If You Don’t Go to the Party, Pedestrian at Best, Elevator Operator, Aqua Profonda!, Dead Fox, Depreston
  • Recommended Tracks – Nobody Cares If You Don’t Go to the Party, Pedestrian at Best, Elevator Operator, Aqua Profonda!, An Illustration of Loneliness, Depreston, Dead Fox

~ ~

Best Indie Pop

Norwegian vocalist, Susanne Sundfør, provides an awesome confluence of electronic, classical and pop music.

ten love songsSusanne Sundfør – Ten Love Songs 

  • Genre – Indie Pop, Synth Pop, Baroque Pop, Dance Pop
  • From – Norway
  • Fav Tracks – Fade Away, Accelerate, Delirious, Slowly, Kamikaze
  • Recommended Tracks – Darlings, Accelerate, Fade Away, Silencer, Kamikaze, Memorial, Delirious, Slowly, Trust me, Insects

~ ~

Best Alternative Country

Brandi Carlile is actually a three piece band consisting of Carlile and the so very loyal Hanseroth brothers, Tim and Phil. The three musicians have been writing, performing, and recording together since the start of Carlile’s career.

Firewatcher's DaughterBrandi Carlile – The Firewatcher’s Daughter

  • Genre – Alternative Country, Singer-songwriter
  • From – Washington
  • Fav Tracks – Wherever Is Your Heart, The Eye, Mainstream Kid, The Things I Regret, Alibi
  • Recommended Tracks – Wherever Is Your Heart, The Eye, The Things I Regret, Mainstream Kid, Beginning To Feel The Years, Wilder (We’re Chained), Blood Muscle Skin & Bone, I Belong To You, Alibi, The Stranger At My Door, Heroes And Songs, Murder In The City

~ ~

(Second) Best Indie Rock

Lady Lamb is the stage name for Aly Spaltro.  She lives in trendy Brooklyn now, but she originated from New England. Her music is jangly and pop-infused. Her vocals are clear but can be gritty when they need to be.

AfterLady Lamb The Beekeeper – After 

  • Genre – Indie Pop
  • From – New Hampshire, Maine, then Brooklyn, NY
  • Fav Tracks – Billions of Eyes, Heretic, Spat Out Spit, Vena Cava, Milk Duds
  • Recommended Tracks – Vena Cava, Billions of Eyes, Violent Clementine, Heretic, Sunday Shoes, Spat Out Spit, Penny Licks, Dear Arkansas Daughter, Milk Duds, Ten, Batter, Atlas

~ ~

Best Under-the-Radar

This month, I would like you to take some time for a folk-grunge-shoegaze-noise pop four-piece fronted by Katherine Whitaker.

Expect DelaysEvans The Death – Expect Delays

  • Genre – Indie Rock
  • From – London
  • Fav Tracks – Intrinsic Grey, Terrified, Sledgehammer, Idiot Button, Bad Year
  • Recommended Tracks – Intrinsic Grey, Terrified, Sledgehammer, Idiot Button, Bad Year, Expect Delays, Enabler, Waste of Sunshine, Don’t Laugh At My Angry Face

~ ~

Best Electronic

Paul Rose, a.k.a. Scuba, is know for his dubstep, house and techno style electronic music. His geographic influence is split between his hometown of London and Berlin, where he’s spent time in residence.

Adobe Photoshop PDFScuba – Claustrophobia 

  • Genre – Techno, Ambient, House
  • From – London
  • Fav Tracks – Why You Feel So Low, Television, PCP, Drift
  • Recommended Tracks – Levitation, Why You Feel So Low, Television, Drift, PCP, All I Think About Is Death, Black on Black

~ ~

Best Experimental

Vessels is a larger group that includes five men, Lee J. Malcolm (guitars, laptop, and vocals), Tom Evans (guitar, vocals), Martin Teff (bass, synth), and Tim Mitchell (percussion).

DilateVessels – Dilate

  • Genre – Experimental Rock and Electronic
  • From – Leeds, England
  • Fav Tracks – Vertical, Elliptic, Echo In, On Monos
  • Recommended Tracks – Vertical, Elliptic, Echo In, As You Are, Attica, On Monos, Glass Lake, On Your Own Ten Toes

~ ~

Best Folk

Sufjan Stevens presents us with a poignant album that delves into his tumultuous relationship with his mother who suffered with psychiatric and addiction issues. She died a few years ago from gastric cancer. Stevens strums through his emotions on mortality and the deep love for the imperfect people in his life.

Carrie and LowellSufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell

  • Genre – Indie Folk
  • From – Michigan
  • Fav Tracks – Should Have Known Better, Death with Dignity, No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross, Fourth of the July
  • Recommended Tracks – Death with Dignity, Should Have Known Better, Drawn to the Blood, Eugene, Fourth of July, Carrie & Lowell, No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross

~ ~

Honorable Mention

12inch_recordjacketLower Dens – Escape From Evil

Lower Dens offers some of that “all the rage now” New Wave 80’s retro-pop.

  • Genre – Indie Rock
  • From – Baltimore, MD
  • Fav Tracks – Ondine, To Die In L.A., Société Anonyme
  • Recommended Tracks – Ondine, To Die In L.A., Quo Vadis, Electric Current, I Am the Earth, Société Anonyme

~ ~

Short MovieLaura Marling – Short Movie 

Marling is a young British singer-songwriter who released her fifth full-length album this month.

  • Genre – Indie Folk
  • From – England
  • Fav Tracks – False Hope, I Feel Your Love, Strange, Short Movie
  • Recommended Tracks – False Hope, I Feel Your Love, Strange, Don’t Let Me Bring You Down, Easy, Divine, How Can I, Short Movie

~ ~

Play-Normal-icon The March 2015 Long List




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