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Susanne Sundfør

Artist Highlight


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Susanne Sundfør is a vocalist and pianist from Norway. Like others before her (Sia, Jessie Ware), Sundfør widened her name’s recognition by recording as a guest vocalist. I’ve selected her guest appearances with M83, Kleerup and Röyksopp for this playlist. Her latest three albums have been #1’s in her home country. Her style is described as SynthPop, Baroque Pop and Dance Pop. You’ll find a healthy dose of piano, organ, and rich orchestration on her albums. It’s an awesome confluence of classical and pop. This is strikingly evident on the ten minute long track, “Memorial,” which includes a long instrumental interlude. On her latest release, Ten Love SongsSundfør soars with her tried and true collaborators (Röyksopp – “Slowly” and Anthony Gonzalez of M83 – “Memorial”).  At this time, only the last two albums are available on Spotify. I highly recommend listening to both from start to finish.


ten love songsTen Love Songs (2015)

  • Fav Tracks – Fade Away, Accelerate, Delirious, Memorial


The Silicone VeilThe Silicone Veil (2012)

  • Fav Tracks – White Foxes, The Silicone Veil, Among Us


The BrothelThe Brothel (2010)


Take One (2008)

Susanne Sundfør (2007)



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