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November 2014 New Music

November was a slow month for notable new music releases. I handpicked a few albums worth your time.



ClarkClark – Clark

  • Genre – Experimental Techno
  • From – England
  • Fav Tracks – Winter Linn, Unfuria, Banjo, Silvered Iris
  • Recommended Tracks – Winter Linn, Unfuria, Strength Through Fragility, Banjo, Snowbird, The Grit In The Pearl, Beacon

Clark offers techno for thinkers and eccentrics. This music is odd, yet surprisingly catchy. It’s magical how such seemingly unrelated and unconventional sounds can be brought together to make a sum greater than its parts. Am I odd to think that this album would make a great soundtrack for a film on whales? Please approach with an open-mind.


The Inevitable EndRöyksopp – The Inevitable End

  • Genre – Electronic
  • From – Norway
  • Fav Tracks – Monument, Sordid Affair, Running to the Sea, I Had This Thing
  • Recommended Tracks – Monument, Sordid Affair, You Know I Have To Go, Save Me, I Had This Thing, Running To The Sea, Goodnight Mr. Sweetheart

Röyksopp bids farewell to the long-player in this melodramatic finale.


In the SeamsSaint Saviour – In the Seams

  • Genre – Singer-songwriter
  • From – England
  • Fav Tracks – I Remember, Let It Go, Nobody Died, Bang
  • Recommended Tracks – Intro (Sorry), Let It Go, Intravenous, Bang, I Remember, Nobody Died, Craster, Devotion, James

This was a slow-grower, but now I’m hooked. This is the second solo album for Saint Saviour (a.k.a Rebecca Jones) who has been more widely known for her guest vocal contribution to Groove Armada tunes. She sheds her former sound and hair cut (an iconic black bob) for two that are more autumnal. She is perfectly complimented by the Manchester Camerata Orchestra on this album.




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