End of Month List, Music

October 2014 New Music

Before you charge head first into the holidays, pause to take note of the best new albums of October.



RipsEx Hex – Rips

  • Genre – Garage Rock
  • From – Washington D.C.
  • Fav Tracks – Hot and Cold, Don’t Wanna Lose, Beast, You Fell Apart, Everywhere
  • Recommended Tracks – Don’t Wanna Lose, Beast, Waste Your Time, You Fell Apart, How You Got That Girl, Waterfall, Hot and Cold, Radio On, New Kid, War Paint, Everywhere, Outro

Our LoveCaribou – Our Love

  • Genre – Alternative Electronic
  • From – Canada
  • Fav Tracks – Can’t Do Without You, Our Love, Back Home, All I Ever Need, Second Chance
  • Recommended Tracks – Can’t Do Without You, Silver, All I Ever Need, Our Love, Dive, Second Chance, Julia Brightly, Mars, Back Home, Your Love Will Set You Free

UnravelingWe Were Promised Jetpacks – Unraveling

  • Genre – Indie Rock, Post-Punk
  • From – Scotland
  • Fav Tracks – Peaks and Troughs, Safety In Numbers, Moral Compass, I Keep It Composed, Disconnecting
  • Recommended Tracks – Safety In Numbers, Peaks and Troughs, I Keep It Composed, Peace Sign, Night Terror, Disconnecting, Bright Minds, A Part of It, Moral Compass, Peace of Mind, Ricochet

Tough LoveJessie Ware – Tough Love

  • Genre – R&B
  • From – London
  • Fav Tracks – Tough Love, Say You Love Me, Keep On Lying, Want Your Feeling, Sweetest Song
  • Recommended Tracks – Tough Love, You & I (Forever), Cruel, Say You Love Me, Sweetest Song, Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe, Want Your Feeling, Pieces, Keep On Lying, Desire

You're Dead!Flying Lotus – You’re Dead!

  • Genre – Experimental Electronic, Left-Field Hip-Hop, Jazz
  • From – California
  • Fav Tracks – Tesla, Never Catch Me, Coronus The Terminator
  • Recommended Tracks – Tesla, Never Catch Me, Coronus The Terminator, Turkey Dog Coma, Turtles, Ready err Not, Eyes Above

Carry On The GrudgeJamie T – Carry On The Grudge

  • Genre – Indie Pop, Singer-songwriter
  • From – London
  • Fav Tracks – Zombie, Don’t You Find, They Told Me it Rained
  • Recommended Tracks – Limits Lie, Don’t you Find, Zombie, Rabbit Hole, Love Is Only a Heartbeat Away, They Told Me it Rained

Joined EndsDorian Concept – Joined Ends

  • Genre – Experimental Electronic
  • From – Austria
  • Fav Tracks – Draft Culture, Ann River MN, Mint
  • Recommended Tracks – Ann River MN, Mint, Draft Culture, Nest Nest, 11.04.2012

The Night Is YoungThe 2 Bears – The Night Is Young

  • Genre – Dance
  • From – London
  • Fav Tracks – Not This Time, Angel (Touch Me)
  • Recommended Tracks – Get Out, Angel (Touch Me), Not This Time, Unbuild It

Mr Twin SisterMr. Twin Sister – Mr. Twin Sister

  • Genre – Indie Pop, Dance
  • From – Long Island, NY
  • Fav Tracks – Out of the Dark
  • Recommended Tracks – In the House of Yes, Blush, Out of the Dark






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