End of Month List

July 2014 New Music

Short Playlist (Just the Highlights)

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1000 Forms of FearSia – 1000 Forms Of Fear

  • Genre – Indie Electronic Pop
  • From – Australia
  • Fav Tracks – Chandelier, Burn the Pages, Eye of the Needle, Fair Game, Elastic Heart
  • Recommended Tracks – Chandelier, Burn the Pages, Eye of the Needle, Hostage, Straight for the Knife, Fair Game, Elastic Heart, Fire Meet Gasoline, Cellophane

One of my favorite vocalists, Sia, returns after a 4 year hiatus with her strongest album to date. 1000 Forms of Fear unveils the powerhouse voice within the often troubled Sia Furler. 1000 Forms of Fear marks a return to the public eye for an introvert artist that struggles with life in the spotlight. Her new album chronicles her painful journey beyond alcohol and drug abuse, depression, and suicide ideation. It’s delivered with passion, and knowing the back story makes it even more moving.


Trouble In ParadiseLa Roux – Trouble In Paradise

  • Genre – New Wave Revival
  • From – London, England
  • Fav Tracks – Uptight Downtown, Sexotheque, Silent Partner
  • Recommended Tracks – Uptight Downtown, Kiss And Not Tell, Sexotheque, Tropical Chancer, Silent Partner, Let Me Down Gently

La Roux returns after a 5 year hiatus after a rocky interim which included a change from a duo (Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid) to a solo act. Trouble In Paradise is an appropriate title as the bickering between the two continues in the media to this day even though they split 2 years ago.


PasserbyLuluc – Passerby

  • Genre – Indie Folk
  • From – Australia; Brooklyn; California
  • Fav Tracks – Small Window, Without a Face, Winter is Passing
  • Recommended Tracks – Small Window, Without a Face, Winter is Passing, Tangled Heart, Senja, Reverie on Norfolk Street, Gold on the Leaves, Star

The album cover for Passerby depicts the awesomeness of a taking a nap with a pet snuggled up. Naturally, the collection of gentle indie folk found beneath a sketch of a nap ruminates on everyday scenes and sentiments.


Pe ahiThe Raveonettes – Pe’ahi

  • Genre – Noise Pop
  • From – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Fav Tracks – Endless Sleeper, Sisters, The Rains of May
  • Recommended Tracks – Endless Sleeper, Sisters, Killer in the Streets, Wake Me Up, The Rains of May, Kill!, When Night Is Almost Done, Summer Ends

The Raveonette’s 7th album reflects surf and sunshine complete with a name taken from a surfing spot in Hawaii. There are hints of 1950’s Phil Spector-ish sounds, 1960’s surf rock, and even distortion that sounds like ocean waves. The sound can be abrasive. This is especially true if you aren’t in the right mental place to listen to hazy noise pop. Don’t listen to this one before your morning coffee. While in the right mind-set, I found this music to be creative and catchy underneath the noise. ~


Hypnotic EyeTom Petty And The Heartbreakers – Hypnotic Eye

  • Genre – Heartland Rock
  • From – Florida
  • Fav Tracks – American Dream Plan B, Fault Lines, Red River, Burnt Out Town
  • Recommended Tracks – American Dream Plan B, Fault Lines, Red River, Full Grown Boy, All You Can Carry, Forgotten Man, Shadow People, Burnt Out Town
  • Singles – Fault Lines, Forgotten Man, American Dream Plan B, Red River


RemedyOld Crow Medicine Show – Remedy

  • Genre – Bluegrass
  • From – Nashville
  • Fav Tracks – 8 Dogs 8 Banjos, Mean Enough World
  • Recommended Tracks – 8 Dogs 8 Banjos, Sweet Amarillo, Mean Enough World, O Cumberland River


Can't LoveTurn To Crime – Can’t Love

  • Genre – Garage Pop
  • From – Detroit
  • Fav Tracks – Can’t Love, Sunday’s Cool
  • Recommended Tracks – Can’t Love, Sunday’s Cool, Forgiveness, I Can’t Not Love


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