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Artist Highlight

Swedish sisters, Johanna and Klara Soderberg have beautiful voices that soar in harmony across their discography. They have an American sounding country and folk music style, but in their newest album they also bring a strong pop aesthetic to their blend that recalls Haim and Feist.  Stay Gold doesn’t have any striking stand out tracks, but the listen is consistent and pleasing all the way through. They are several noteworthy live performances online including the Newport Folk Festival, SXSW, Polar Music Prize, and a NPR studio session at KCRW.




Stay Gold2014 – Stay Gold

  • Fav Tracks – Master Pretender, Waitress Song, Shattered & Hollow
  • Recommended Tracks – Master Pretender, Waitress Song, Shattered & Hollow, My Silver Lining, Cedar Lane, Stay Gold


The Lion's Roar2012 – The Lion’s Roar

  • Fav Tracks – The Lion’s Roar, In the Hearts of Men
  • Recommended Tracks – The Lion’s Roar, In the Hearts of Men, I Found A Way, Dance to Another Tune



The Big Black & the Blue2010 – The Big Black & the Blue

  • Fav Tracks – Heavy Storm, Winter Is All Over You
  • Recommended Tracks – Heavy Storm, Ghost Town, Winter Is All Over You, I Met Up With The King



Drunken Trees2009 – Drunken Trees

  • Recommended Tracks – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Fleet Foxes Cover), Cross Oceans, Jagadamba You Might



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