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Artist Highlight


Merrill Garbus (vocals, songwriting, percussion, ukulele)  and Nate Brenner (bass, songwriting), a.k.a tUnE-yArDs first came across my radar thanks to the Newport Folk Festival in 2012. Their music is an eccentric blend of world beats, jazz, R&B and (possibly if you squint) folk. Garbus has a belt it out voice that is necessary not to be lost in all the drum loops swirling around her. She’s serious about percussion too and just returned from Haiti where she furthered her training in drumming. Garbus is known for creating loops on the fly during live performances. Before landing in California, Merrill Garbus was raised in Connecticut, attended Smith College in Massachusetts, spent time in Vermont working in a puppet theater, and played ukulele in a Montreal band. Her first album, BiRd-BrAiNs, was a home-spun solo affair and is considerably more lo-fi. The following albums add Nate Brenner on bass and some additional personnel to support with saxophone, percussion and vocals. The second album, WHOKILL, enjoyed critical acclaim including the number one spot on the  The Village Voice’s annual music poll for 2011. The third album was just released last week, and it’s already creating a buzz. See Marbus get back to her puppeteer roots in her music video for the new single, “Water Fountain.”


2014 – Nikki Nack

  • Fav Tracks: Water Fountain, Wait For a Minute, Real Thing, Hey Life
  • Recommended Tracks: Water Fountain, Wait For a Minute, Real Thing, Hey Life, Time of Dark, Sink-O, Rocking Chair

2011 – WHOKILL

  • Fav Tracks: You Yes You, Gangsta, Bizness, Doorstep, Powa
  • Recommended Tracks: all of them!

2009 – BiRd-BrAiNs

  • Fav Tracks: Sunlight
  • Recommended Tracks: News, Jumping Jack, Fiya

Nikki Nack




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