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April 2014 New Music

It’s that time again! Here’s a round up of my favorite new music from the last month.



More Than Any Other Day Ought – More Than Any Other Day

  • Genre – New Wave/Post-punk Revival
  • From – Montreal, Canada
  • Fav Tracks – The Weather Song, Habit, Today More Than Any Other Day
  • Recommended Tracks – The Weather Song, Habit, Today More Than Any Other Day, Pleasant Heart, Around Again, Clarity!, Gemini
  • Single – Habit

This is the debut album for this group of international students who met attending school in Canada. They’ve crafted an album of conversational punk storytelling about everyday life akin to last year’s Parquet Courts and Courtney Barnett releases.


Fever In the RoadThe Bamboos – Fever In The Road

  • Genre – Neo-Funk/Soul
  • From – Melbourne, Australia
  • Fav Tracks – Avenger, Helpless Blues, Your Lovin’ Is Easy
  • Recommended Tracks – Avenger, Helpless Blues, Your Lovin’ Is Easy, Rats, Leave Nothing Behind, Harbinger, Jump My Train, Looking West

I’ve played The Bamboos’ new album, Fever In The Road, several times in the operating room.  Each time, the staff has given positive feedback. I haven’t found much written about this album by the critics at large, so a big thanks to allmusic.com for bringing this album to my attention. Maybe, Fever in the Road will become a sleeper hit.


9 Dead AliveRodrigo y Gabriela – 9 Dead Alive

  • Genre – Latin Guitar Instrumental
  • From – Mexico
  • Fav Tracks – The Soundmaker, Torito, The Russian Messenger
  • Recommended Tracks – The Soundmaker, Torito, The Russian Messenger, Misty Moses, Sunday Neurosis
  • Single – The Soundmaker

Here’s another fantastic offering of heart pounding, rock-infused latin guitar dueling from Rodrigo y Gabriela. Watch then play a track live at NPR Music.


Salad DaysMac DeMarco – Salad Days

  • Genre – Indie Rock, Dream Pop
  • From – Canada
  • Fav Tracks – Salad Days, Brother, Let Her Go
  • Recommended Tracks – Salad Days, Brother, Let Her Go, Let My Baby Stay, Passing Out  Pieces, Treat Her Better, Chamber Of Reflection, Go Easy, Jonny’s Odyssey

Mac DeMarco presents a set of cynical songs that have a paradoxically dreamy sound that could be at home in a resort town bar.


ShriekWye Oak – Shriek

  • Genre – Indie Electronic
  • From – Baltimore, MD
  • Fav Tracks – Shriek, Logic of Color, Glory
  • Recommended Tracks – Before, Shriek, The Tower, Glory, Schools of Eyes, Despicable Animal, Paradise, Logic of Color
  • Single – Glory, The Tower

Jenn Wasner (guitar, bass, vocals) and Andy Stack (drums, keyboards, vocals) leave the Indie Folk world behind and head into a territory filled with more electronic calling cards.


TremorsSohn – Tremors

  • Genre – Indie Electronic
  • From – London
  • Fav Tracks – The Wheel, Artifice, Ransom Notes
  • Recommended Tracks – The Wheel, Artifice, BloodFlows, Ransom Notes, Paralysed, Lights, Veto, Lessons, Tremors
  • Single – Artifice, Lessons, Bloodflows

Sohn provides us with another carefully crafted electronic-meets-R&B album in a similar wavelength as Rhye and James Blake.


UndefeatedBobby Bare Jr’s Young Criminals’ Starvation League – Undefeated

  • Genre – Alternative Country-Rock, Americana
  • From – Nashville, TN
  • Fav Tracks – Don’t Wanna Know, Blame Everyone (But Yourself), As Forever Became Never Again
  • Recommended Tracks – North of Alabama By Mornin’, If She Cared, Don’t Wanna Know, My Baby Took My Baby Away, Blame Everybody (But Yourself), As Forever Became Never Again, Don’t Stand at the Stove
  • Single – North of Alabama By Mornin’

Undefeated is a solid indie rock album with witty lyrics and country leanings.


Everyday RobotsDamon Albarn – Everyday Robots

  • Genre – Indie Pop/Rock
  • From – London
  • Fav Tracks – Everyday Robots, Lonely Press Play, The Selfish Giant
  • Recommended Tracks – Everyday Robots, Lonely Press Play, Mr. Tembo, The Selfish Giant, You & Me, Hollow Ponds, Photographs, Heavy Seas of Love
  • Single – Everyday Robots

Damon Albarn is best known for his work with Blur and Gorillaz. Here on his solo album, Albarn is reflective and melancholic in his storytelling about our new digital lives.


With Light and with LoveWoods – With Light and with Love

  • Genre – Indie Folk, Neo-psychedelia
  • From – Brooklyn, NY
  • Fav Tracks – Shephard, Full Moon, Only the Lonely
  • Recommended Tracks – Shephard, With Light and with Love, Moving to the Left, Full Moon, Only the Lonely, Feather Man

Woods caries us back to an era when mustard yellow and avocado green were king. There’s a splash of early 21st century influence with The Shins-esque Indie Pop track, “Only the Lonely.”


Arc IrisArc Iris – Arc Iris

  • Genre – Experimental Rock
  • From – Providence, RI
  • Fav Tracks – Money Gomes, Honor of the Rainbows II, Swimming
  • Recommended Tracks – Money Gnomes, Lost on Me, Whiskey Man, Singing So Sweetly, Ditch, Honor of the Rainbows I & II, Might I Deserve to Have a Dream, Swimming

Jocie Adams’ debut album as Arc Iris is a swirl of nerdy genres including classical, jazz, folk and experimental rock. 


Lights OutIngrid Michaelson – Lights Out

  • Genre – Singer-Songwriter
  • From – New York
  • Fav Tracks – Girls Chase Boys, Time Machine, Afterlife
  • Recommended Tracks – Girls Chase Boys, Wonderful Unknown, Warpath, Handsome Hands, Time Machine, Afterlife
  • Single – Girls Chase Boys

Ingrid Michaelson’s career was jump started when her songs where placed in popular television shows and national advertising campaigns.

All Kinds of YouRyley Walker – All Kinds of You

  • Genre – Alternative Folk, Acoustic Guitar
  • From – Chicago, IL
  • Fav Tracks – The West Wind, Twin Oaks Pt. 1, Clear the Sky
  • Recommended Tracks – The West Wind, Twin Oaks Pt. 1, Great River Road, Clear the Sky, Twin Oaks Pt. 2, Fonda, On the Rise, Tanglewood Spaces
  • Single – The West Wind



Old FearsSchool of Language – Old Fears

  • Genre –  Indie Pop/Rock
  • From – Sunderland, England
  • Fav Tracks – Suits Us Better, Dress Up, Between The Suburbs
  • Recommended Tracks – Distance Between, A Smile Cracks, Suits Us Better, Between the Suburbs, Old Fears, Dress Up, Small Words
  • Single – Dress Up, Between the Suburbs

David Brewis is the man behind School of Language’s non-traditional time signatures.


The Future's VoidEMA – The Future’s Void

  • Genre – Indie Rock
  • From – South Dakota
  • Fav Tracks – So Blonde, 3Jane, Neuromancer
  • Recommended Tracks – Satellites, So Blonde, 3Jane, Cthulu, Neuromancer, When She Comes, Solace

EMA is the stage name for Erika M. Anderson, a vocalist/guitarist with a 90’s grunge sound. On The Future’s Void, she sings about information age anxieties.


MovementsWe Have Band – Movements

  • Genre – New Wave/Post-Punk Revival, Electronic
  • From – Manchester, UK
  • Fav Tracks – You Only, Someone, Burning On My Lips
  • Recommended Tracks – Modulate, You Only, Look The Way We Are, Someone, Burning On My Lips, Blue

We Have Band is a three-piece electro-rock group who provide a collection of dance-floor ready, yet lyrical gems on Movements.


Here Be MonstersJon Langford & Skull Orchard – Here Be Monsters

  • Genre – Alternative Country-rock, Americana
  • From – Wales
  • Fav Tracks – Don’t Believe, If You Here Rumors, Summer Stars
  • Recommended Tracks – Summer Stars, Drone Operator, Don’t Believe, If You Hear Rumors, What Did You Do in the War?, Lil’ Ray of Light

Langford and his band present informed commentary on the world without putting on airs.



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