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The Bamboos

Artist Highlight


I’ve played The Bamboos’ new album, Fever In The Road, several times in the operating room.  Each time, the staff has given positive feedback. I haven’t found much written about this album by the critics at large, so a big thanks to for bringing this album to my attention. Maybe, Fever in the Road will become a sleeper hit. I decided to dig through The Bamboos discography, and this most recent album is the most modern for this retro-styled, soul-funk band. The earlier albums are still enjoyable, but they stick to the 20th century script a little too closely to spark too much excitement.  There is a healthy assortment of track remixes to remedy that problem.


2014 – Fever in the Road

Fav Tracks: Avenger, Helpless Blues, Rats, Your Lovin’ Is Easy, Leave Nothing Behind, Harbinger, Jump My Train, Looking West

2012 – Medicine Man

Fav Tracks: Where Does The Time Go?, What I Know, The Wilhelm Scream, I Got Burned, I Never, Midnight, Medicine Man, Window

2010 – 4

Fav Tracks: On The Sly, Turn It Up, You Ain’t No Good, Kings Cross, Keep Me In Mind

2008 – Side-Stepper

Fav Tracks: King Of The Rodeo

2007 – Rawville

Fav Tracks: Bring It Home, Get In The Scene

2006 – Step It Up


Fever In the Road Medicine 4 Side-Stepper rawville Step It Up












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