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Arc Iris

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Jocie Adams is a musician’s musician. She has formal training as a composer, and her debut album as Arc Iris is a swirl of nerdy genres including classical, jazz, folk and experimental rock. She also spent a small amount of time as a scientific researcher at NASA before following her muse. Jocie Adams pulled together a core sextet including herself, Zachary Tenorio Miller (piano), Robin Ryczek (cello), Ray Belli (drums), Max Johnson (bass), and Mike Irwin (trumpet). She is quick to point out that many other folks contribute to Arc Iris. Adams lists Providence, RI and Boston, MA as her hometowns. She started her music career with Providence’s indie folk group, Low Anthem in 2007. With Arc Iris, Adams takes the artistic reigns while still surrounding herself with multiple talented musicians.


Arc Iris

2014 – Arc Iris

  • Fav Tracks: Honor of the Rainbows II, Swimming, Singing So Sweetly
  • Recommended Tracks: Money Gnomes, Lost On Me, Whiskey Man, Singing So Sweetly, Ditch, Honor of the Rainbows I & II, Might I Deserve to Have a Dream, Swimming




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