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March 2014 New Music

March’s new music offers us a wide variety from chiming neo-psychedelia to bright synth pop to americana earthiness to brain-bending experimental works. Enjoy!



Lost In The DreamThe War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream

  • Genre – Indie Rock, Hybrid of Heartland Rock and New Wave
  • From – Philadelphia, PA
  • Fav Tracks – Under Pressure, An Ocean In Between The Waves, Eyes to the Wind
  • Recommended Tracks – Under Pressure, Red Eyes, Suffering, An Ocean In Between The Waves, Disappearing, Eyes to the Wind, Burning, Lost In The Dream
  • Single – Red Eyes

The War On Drugs reimagines the sounds of Bob Dylan, Heartland Rock and New Wave through a gauzy Shoegaze filter. Pitchfork reviewer, Stuart Berman, sums up the vibe as “dad-rock.” An excellent listening experience is provided by dense layers of instrumentation painstakingly arranged to gradually build tension.


Future IslandsFuture Islands – Singles

  • Genre – Indie Rock, New Wave
  • From – North Carolina, Baltimore
  • Fav Track – Seasons (Waiting On You), Fall From Grace
  • Recommended Tracks – Seasons (Waiting On You), Sun in the Morning, Back in the Tall Grass, Light House, Fall From Grace
  • Single – Seasons (Waiting On You)

The music is New Wave inspired with a crooner bent and an occasional growl that would be more at home in a much more intense metal genre. The overall mood of the music is forcefully employed restraint that peeks out in small bursts of drama.


Belle BrigadeThe Belle Brigade – Just Because

  • Genre – Indie Pop
  • From – Los Angeles, CA
  • Fav Track – I Miss You In My Life
  • Recommended Tracks – Ashes, When Everything Was What It Was, Likely, To Use Something, Be Like Him, Miss You In My Life, How I See it, Everything For A Stone, Back Where You Began
  • Single – Ashes

The Belle Brigade is a sister-brother act that comes from an impressive genetic line.  Most notable, they call Oscar-winning composer, John Williams, “Grandpa.” For those of you living under a musical rock, John Williams composed some of the most memorable movie soundtracks of all time (Jaws, Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Superman, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park). Enough about Grandpa. Let’s talk about the infectious indie pop of The Belle Brigade. The Gruska siblings bring together the best aspects of power pop, soft rock, and Californian-style psychedelic folk rock for a Fleetwood Mac/Simon and Garfunkel/Paul McCartney meets Vampire Weekend/Tegan and Sara/The Head and the Heart kind of experience.


Simone FeliceSimone Felice – Strangers

  • Genre – Singer-songwriter, Alt Country, Americana
  • From – Upstate New York
  • Fav Track – If You Go To L.A.
  • Recommended Tracks – Molly-O!, If You Go To L.A., Running Through My Head, Bye Bye Palenville, Gettysburg, Bastille Day, The Gallows

Simone Felice is a published poet, novelist and musician who has had not one, but two brushes with death.  As a preteen, he suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain) that required an emergency craniotomy (open skull surgery) and a long rehabilitation to regain basic motor skills including reading and writing. As an adult, he again experienced a life-threatening condition in the form of severe aortic heart valve stenosis that required open-heart surgery. Strangers is a solo project, but Simone has also made music with his brothers (The Felice Brothers), The Avett Brothers (drums), a in a duo called The Duke & the King.


Real EstateReal Estate – Atlas

  • Genre – Indie Rock, Neo-psychedelia
  • From – New Jersey
  • Fav Track – Past Lives
  • Recommended Tracks – Had To Hear, Past Lives, Talking Backwards, April’s Song, The Bend, Horizon, Navigator
  • Single – Talking Backwards

Lyrical guitar melodies and laid-back vocals predominate the Real Estate sound.



MoMØ – No Mythologies to Follow

  • Genre – Electronic, Dance, Indie Pop
  • From – Denmark
  • Fav Track – Red in the Grey
  • Recommended Tracks – Never Wanna Know, Red in the Grey, Pilgrim, Don’t Wanna Dance, Waste of Time, Dust is Gone, XXX 88, The Sea
  • Singles – Pilgrim, XXX 88

Karen Marie Ørsted records under the moniker, MØ. Her strong vocals over electronic dance beats have earned her comparisons to AlunaGeorge and Grimes.


LiarsLiars – Mess

  • Genre – Experimental Rock, Post-Rock, Art Rock
  • From – Brooklyn, NY
  • Fav Track – Mess On A Mission
  • Recommended Tracks – Mask Maker, Vox Tuned D.E.D., I’m No Gold, Can’t Hear Well, Mess On A Mission,
  • Single – Mess On A Mission

Liars artfully combines driving punk-style rock with electronic music. In the words of Allmusic reviewer, Heather Phares, “it’s equally terrifying and hilarious.”


Burnt OnesBurnt Ones – Gift

  • Genre – Indie Rock, Neo-Psychedelia, Noise Pop
  • From – San Francisco
  • Fav Track – Pulse
  • Recommended Tracks – Pulse, Money Man, Submarine, Spell Breakers, Is It Over, New Heroes of Subscription Services, Sleeping Inn, Pineapple Program No. 31, Us Wheels

They are three albums in, but Burnt Ones is virtually uncovered in the media.  Thankfully, I was made aware of this fun album by Allmusic.com’s Editors’ Choice.


Sally SeltmannSally Seltman – Hey Daydreamer

  • Genre – Indie Pop, Singer-songwriter
  • From – Australia
  • Fav Track – Catch of the Day
  • Recommended Tracks – Hey Daydreamer, Billy, The Small Hotel, Dear Mr. Heartless, Right Back Where I Started From, I will Not Wear Your Wedding Ring, Catch of the Day, Holly Drive, States and Spaces
  • Single – Catch of the Day

Here’s another nearly-missed album brought to my attention by Allmusic.com’s Editors’ Choice. Hooks and clever lyrics make this album worth your time. Of note, Seltman co-wrote the famous and Grammy-winning Feist song, “1 2 3 4.”


Luther DickinsonLuther Dickinson – Rock ‘n Roll Blues

  • Genre – Modern Acoustic Blues, American Trad Rock, Americana
  • From – Memphis
  • Fav Track – Goin’ Country
  • Recommended Tracks – Blood ‘n Guts, Yard Man, Goin’ Country, Mojo Mojo, Rock ‘n Roll Blues, Stone’s Throw, Some Ol’ Day

Allmusic.com Editors’ Choice brings us a third under-the-radar album this month.


Cloud NothingsCloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else

  • Genre – Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Noise Rock
  • From – Cleveland
  • Fav Track – I’m Not Part Of Me
  • Recommended Tracks – Now Hear In, Quieter Today, Psychic Trauma, Pattern Walks, I’m Not Part Of Me
  • Singles – I’m Not Part Of Me, Psychic Trauma



ElbowElbow – The Take Off and Landing Of Everything

  • Genre – Britpop
  • From – Manchester, England
  • Fav Track – Charge
  • Recommended Tracks – This Blue World, Charge, New York Morning, My Sad Captains, The Take Off and Landing Of Everything
  • Singles – Fly Boy Blue/Lunette, New York Morning

Elbow recorded this sixth studio album at Peter Gabriel’s studio after frontman, Guy Garvey ended a decade-long romantic relationship. Not surprisingly, the album explores beginnings and endings as well as aging.


The NotwistThe Notwist – Into Another Tune

  • Genre – Indie Electronic, Indie Rock
  • From – Germany
  • Fav Track – Close To The Glass
  • Recommended Tracks – Signals, Close To The Glass, Kong, Into Another Tune, From One Wrong Place To The Next, Run Run Run, Steppin’ In
  • Singles – Close to the Glass, Kong

The Notwist moved away from a purely hardcore sound with edge-softening electronic flourishes and melodic lyrics. They have just enough experimental tendencies to keep it interesting without sacrificing the accessibility of their album to the casual listener.


LushesLushes – What Am I Doing

  • Genre – Experimental Rock, Post-Rock, Art Rock
  • From – Brooklyn, NY
  • Fav Track – One Right Word
  • Recommended Tracks – Harsh, One Right Word, Traffic, Garden

This is a debut album from an experimental rock meets electronic duo.



Carla BozulichCarla Bozulich – Boy

  • Genre – Experimental Rock
  • From – Los Angeles, CA
  • Fav Track – Ain’t No Grave
  • Recommended Tracks – Ain’t No Grave, One Hard Man,

This is the “accessible” work according to the Allmusic.com review. That may be a generous description, but this is a fascinating experimental album nonetheless.




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