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Future Islands

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Future Islands make music that would be right at home on the Donnie Darko soundtrack (an excellent movie, BTW) right between Echo and the Bunnymen’s “Killing Moon” and “Under the Milky Way” by The Church. For those of you not familiar with Donnie Darko, the music is New Wave inspired with a crooner bent and an occasional growl that would be more at home in a much more intense metal genre. The overall mood of the music is forcefully employed restraint that peeks out in small bursts of drama.

Future Islands started as a college band at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. The three founding members that make up the core group are: Gerrit Welmers (keyboards), William Cashion (electric guitar and bass), and Samuel Herring (vocals). Welmers and Herring grew up together in the coastal town of Morehead City, NC. Even though the band relocated to the city (Baltimore), their seaside connection is strong with many of their tracks alluding to the ocean.

Frontman, Samuel Herring, is known for his deep growling vocals, but he has also made quite a name for himself with his performance style which includes dramatic hand gestures and large scale dips and slides. It’s hard to describe, so see it for yourself here.

Future Islands just released their best album yet, Singles.

Future Islands Highlights Spotify Playlist



2014 – Singles

Fav Tracks: Seasons (Waiting On You), Fall From Grace
Recommended Tracks: Seasons (Waiting On You), Sun in the Morning, Back in the Tall Grass, Light House, Fall From Grace
Single: Seasons (Waiting On You)

2011 – On the Water

Fav Tracks: The Great Fire
Recommended Tracks: Before the Bridge, The Great Fire, Where I Found You, Close to None, Balance

2010 – In Evening Air

Recommended Tracks: Long Flight, Tin Man, An Apology, Inch of Dust, As I Fall

2008 – Wave Like Home

Recommended Tracks: Old Friend, Flicker & Flutter, Seize A Shark, Beach Foam

Future Islands On the Water In Evening Air Wave Like Home



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