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St. Vincent

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St. Vincent’s sound is eclectic and at times eccentric.  She explores unusual instrumentation, time signatures and often delves into bizarre, fascinating and sometimes cryptic lyrics throughout her discography. Her musical output has been described as art rock, chamber pop and indie rock. It’s impressive that St. Vincent has brought her brand of unusual pop with its electronic, jazz and orchestral influences to mainstream audiences. The Smithsonian recognized Clark as an innovator in the performing arts in 2013 by awarding her their American Ingenuity Award.

Annie Clark told the Dallas Observer that she was writing songs at the early age of six years-old. She moved to Dallas around that time when her folks split and her mom remarried. Clark is the middle child in a herd of siblings (eight to be exact). She picked up the guitar as a teenager. She attended Lake Highlands High School (Class of 2001) where she composed original music for her high school drama club. As a teen, she also toured with her aunt and uncle’s jazz duo, Tuck & Patti. The family consensus was to send her to music school to develop her talents. She studied at the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston for three years before she moved on to New York City in an attempt to get her career started. She returned to Dallas after running out of money in NYC and was recruited to join The Polyphonic Spree, the Dallas-based chorus-sized symphonic pop group. Here, she began the networking that would lead to a recording contract with an independent label. Clark returned to NYC (Brooklyn) after getting back on her feet financially. Clark adopted the moniker, St. Vincent, as the recording name for her solo work. During an interview on the Colbert Report, Clark tells us that she came to the name from a Nick Cave song in which he references the hospital where 20th century poet, Dylan Thomas, died. The Nick Cave lyrics are “And Dylan Thomas died drunk in St. Vincent’s hospital” from the song “There She Goes my Beautiful World” from the album Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus. St. Vincent is more talkative in a more recent interview with Colbert.  During this interview St. Vincent reveals, “I think I’ve always tried to live at the intersection between accessibility and lunatic fringe.”   

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St. Vincent Starter List (20 tracks)

St. Vincent Highlights (42 tracks)

St. Vincent Albums (56 tracks)

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St Vincent2014 – St. Vincent

  • Fav Track: Digital Witness
  • Singles: Prince Johnny, Digital Witness, Birth in Reverse
  • Recommended Tracks: Rattlesnake, Birth In Reverse, Prince Johnny, Huey Newton, Digital Witness, Bring Me Your Love, Psychopath
  • Reviews: Allmusic – 4 stars, Pitchfork – 8.6


Love This Giant2012 – Love This Giant

  • Fav Track: The Forest Awakes
  • Singles: Who, Weekend In The Dust
  • Recommended Tracks: Who, Weekend In The Dust, Dinner For Two, Ice Age, The Forest Awakes, I Should Watch TV, The One Who Broke Your Heart, Outside Of Space And Time
  • Reviews: This album is an interesting collaboration with David Byrne (Talking Heads).  Some critics loved it (Allmusic – 4.5 stars) and some were disappointed by it (Pitchfork – 5.9).


Strange Mercy2011 – Strange Mercy

  • Fav Track: Cruel
  • Singles: Cruel, Cheerleader, Surgeon
  • Recommended Tracks: Cruel, Cheerleader, Surgeon, Northern Lights, Champagne Year, Dilettante, Hysterical Strength, Year Of The Tiger
  • Reviews: Allmusic – 4 stars, Pitchfork – 9.0


Actor2009 – Actor

  • Fav Track: Actor Out of Work
  • Singles: The Strangers, Actor Out of Work
  • Recommended Tracks: The Strangers, Actor Out of Work, Black Rainbow, Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood, Marrow, The Party, Just The Same But Brand New
  • Reviews: Allmusic – 4 stars, Pitchfork – 8.5


~Marry Me2007 – Marry Me

  • Fav Track: Paris Is Burning
  • Recommended Tracks: The whole album is worth your time.  Here are some tracks to start with – Now Now, Your Lips Are Red, Marry Me, Paris Is Burning, The Apocalypse Song, Landmines, Human Racing
  • Reviews: Allmusic – 4 stars, Pitchfork – 8.0




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  1. You gotta love those Lake Highlands Wildcats!

    – class of 1990

    Posted by christopherlbell | August 9, 2014, 5:52 pm


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