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Angel Olsen

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Chicagoan Angel Olsen released her third album, Burn Your Fire For No Witness, this month to a warm reception from reviewers. I’ll warn you right away. This is a crying album, the type of crying that comes in waves of chest heaves and audible sobs that release your sadness into the world.

The album starts off very strong. I’m in love with the first five tracks: the sparse first track, the 90’s inspired second track, the Patsy Cline / Roy Orbison / Hank Williams channeling third track, the contemplative Leonard Cohen reminiscent fourth track, and the Courtney Barnett-esque fifth track.  She sounds like all these people while not truly mimicking them, but isn’t that the recipe for success? When you take something slightly familiar and make it new, a popular album is born.


Angel Olsen Highlights and Influences Spotify Playlist


Angel Olsen Highlights Spotify Playlist



2014 – Burn Your Fire For No Witness

2012 – Half Way Home

  • Fav Track: The Waiting
  • Recommended Tracks: The Waiting, Lonely Universe, You Are Song, Free, Tiniest Seed

2011 – Strange Cacti

  • Fav Track: Drunk and with Dreams
  • Recommended Tracks: If It’s Alive It Will, Drunk and with Dreams



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