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Cibo Matto

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Cibo Matto is a group out of New York City that is lead by two Japanese women, Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori. I’m not sure how they ended up with an Italian name (translates as Food Crazy), but they use English and French to, yes, sing often about food. Would I categorize their work as concept albums? Probably. Novelty albums? Maybe. Hooky & amusing? Absolutely. The new album released this month, Hotel Valentine, centers around a ghost that haunts a hotel. Prior to that, it was 15 years since Cibo Matto released new material together and 18 years since the popular-with-the-hipster-crowd album, Viva! La Woman, which mostly revolved around food. Cibo Matto’s sound is a mosaic of hip-hop, rap, electronic, jazz and funk.


Cibo Matto Highlights Spotify Playlist



2014 – Hotel Valentine

1999 – Stereotype A

  • Fav Track: Working For Vacation
  • Recommended Tracks: Working For Vacation, Spoon, Flowers, Moonchild

1996 – Viva! La Woman

  • Fav Track: Know Your Chicken
  • Recommended Tracks: Beef Jerky, Sugar Water, Birthday Cake, Le Pain Perdu, Artichoke

Trivia: Le Pain Perdu includes a sample from the Duke Ellington tune, “Caravan.”

Hotel ValentineStereo Type AViva! La Woman



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