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January 2014 New Music

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Total Strife ForeverEast India Youth – Total Strife Forever

  • Genre – Electronic
  • From – London, England
  • Fav Track – Hinterland
  • Recommended Tracks – Glitter Recession, Dripping Down, Hinterland, Heaven How Long, Looking for Someone
  • Singles – Heaven How Long, Looking For Someone

Relative newcomer, East India Youth (a.k.a. William Doyle), gives us an electronic musical experience akin to a tasting menu. There’s a wide breadth of electronic music styles here, but Doyle brings them together splendidly like an executive chef. On Total Strife Forever, you will find tasty portions of techno, shoegaze, dream pop, and experimental instrumentals.


Fuck Off Get FreeThee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything

  • Genre – Experimental Rock
  • From – Montreal, Canada
  • Fav Track – Austerity Blues
  • Recommended Tracks – Fuck Off Get Free, Austerity Blues, Take Away These Early Grave Blues, What We Loved Was Not Enough

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra is the project of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s guitarist, Efrim Menuck. Listening to Thee Silver is a similar experience to listening to Godspeed because for one — he uses other personnel from GY!BE (Sophie Trudeau & Jessica Moss – violin, Thierry Amar – bass, David Payant – drums) and two — Silver Mt. Zion also has a predilection for longer, multiple movement tracks which gives the listener a sense that they are witnessing a rock symphony.


Transgender Dysphoria BluesAgainst Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues

  • Genre – Punk Revival
  • From – Gainesville, Florida
  • Fav Track – Unconditional Love
  • Recommended Tracks – Transgender Dysphoria Blues, True Trans Soul Rebel, Unconditional Love, Dead Friend
  • Single – Fuckmylife666

Punk Revivalists, Against Me!, return with their first album since the lead singer announced her transition to living as a woman and name change to Laura Jane Grace.  She also recounts her experiences in “My First Year as a Woman” in Cosmopolitan. The band had some personnel changes after the announcement, but guitarist, James Bowman, stuck it out. Besides that fascinating story, this album was the first music this year to really grab my attention.  It’s catchy, emotionally driven, and genuine.


River and the ThreadRosanne Cash – The River & The Thread

  • Genre – Country, Folk, Singer-Songwriter
  • From – Tennessee, California, New York City, NY
  • Fav Track – Money Road
  • Recommended Tracks – A Feather’s Not A Bird, Modern Blue, The Long Way Home, Money Road, Biloxi
  • Single – Modern Blue

Cash used a road trip across Southern states as her muse for this album.  The album cover picture was taken on the Tallahatchie bridge of “Ode to Billie Joe” fame. Cash explains the importance of her road trip in the creation of this album with Rolling Stone and CBS Sunday Morning.


Give the People What They WantSharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Give the People What They Want

  • Genre – R&B Soul
  • From – Augusta, Georgia; Brooklyn, NY
  • Fav Track – Stranger to My Happiness
  • Recommended Tracks – Retreat!, Stranger to My Happiness, We Get Along, You’ll Be Lonely, Now I See
  • Single – Stranger to My Happiness

Sharon Jones recorded this album prior to her bile duct cancer diagnosis.  She waited until recovering from her Whipple Procedure surgery and chemotherapy before releasing the album, so she could promote the album adequately.


ShelterAlcest – Shelter

  • Genre – Indie Rock
  • From – Avignon, France
  • Fav Track – Opale
  • Recommended Tracks – Wings, Opale, Voix Sereines, L’ éveil Des Muses, Away, Délivrance
  • Single – Opale

Alcest diverges from its association with the black metal subgenre to put out a beautiful shoegaze album. This departure upset some fans and reviewers. Black metal is not one of my usual genres, so I am blissfully ignorant of the disappointment of their black metal inclined fans. Shoegaze veteran, Neil Haistead (Slowdive), offers lead vocals on the not-to-be-missed track, “Away.”


Brothers and SistersDamien Jurado – Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

  • Genre – Indie Rock, Indie Folk, Neo-Psychedelia
  • From – Seattle, Washington
  • Fav Track – Silver Timothy
  • Recommended Tracks – Magic Number, Silver Timothy, Metallic Cloud, Silver Donna
  • Single – Silver Timothy

Damien Jurado’s new album, Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son, strikes me as a cross between Daniele Luppi, Phosphorescent, and Bon Iver.


Grassed InnBlank Realm – Grassed Inn

  • Genre – Indie Rock, Noise Rock, Lo-Fi
  • From – Brisbane, Australia
  • Fav Track – Back to the Flood
  • Recommended Tracks – Back to the Flood, Falling Down the Stairs, Bell Tower, Violet Delivery, Baby Closes the Door
  • Single – Back to the Flood


Goodnight TenderAmy Ray – Goodnight Tender

  • Genre – Country, Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Americana
  • From – Georgia
  • Fav Track – Oyster and Pearl
  • Recommended Tracks – Oyster and Pearl, The Gig That Matters, Duane Allman
  • Single – Oyster and Pearl

Amy Ray of Indigo Girls fame, collaborates again to offer us a down home album of country music with hints of bluegrass, cajun and gospel.



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