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Artist Highlight

Burial UntrueWilliam Bevan (a.k.a. Burial) is a dubstep electronic producer/composer/artist from South London. It’s no coincidence that South London is considered the birthplace of dubstep, and Burial is regarded as one of the defining artists of that sub-genre. When listening to dubstep, one can expect a fast tempo with syncopated drum motifs, sampled vocals with environmental sounds, and a prominent bass line. It’s an irregular and darker sounding electronic music which makes it better suited to listening with headphones rather than dancing. Burial’s latest is the December 2013 EP release, Rival Dealer. It’s a strong EP, but did not bump my previous top two favorite releases down the list. His entire catalog is not available on Spotify, but here are my favorite releases available for streaming. If you are new to Burial, start with the EP’s in this order: Kindred (2012) followed by Truant/Rough Sleeper (2012) and Rival Dealer (2013).

Burial Spotify Playlist – Complete

Burial Spotify Playlist – Highlights


  1. Kindred EP (March 2012)
  2. Truant/Rough Sleeper EP (December 2012)
  3. Rival Dealer EP (December 2013)
  4. Untrue (November 2007)
  5. Burial (May 2006)
  6. Street Halo EP (March 2011)


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